Elements from the A & B groups have option for downgrade.

Downgrade refers to the slight deviation in the execution of parallel line to the floor. Deviation must be within allowed tolerance 20° or 30°. Need for downgrade is evaluated by the Difficulty Judge during the performance and is not declared in advance.

The downgrade option refers only to the horizontal line specified in the elements table. Any other fault in the minimum requirements and the element will be valued 0 points

For example, if element in group A or B has a minimum requirement of horizontal line to the floor and the athlete performs the element in otherwise correct way, but unfortunately slightly above or below the horizontal line, the value of the element will be added to the difficulty score but with downgrade of 0.2 or 0.4 points depending on the level of the deviation.

  1. If the line is within 20° tolerance, element will undergo a downgrade of 0.2 (1.0 becomes 0.8)
  2. If the line is between 20° and 30°, it will be downgraded to 0.4 (1.0 becomes 0.6)